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This course helps participants to reflect on their own faith in Jesus and the faith of Muslims from a variety of perspectives, including the perspective of Dr Daniel Shayesteh, a gifted thinker, communicator and scholar. Daniel and his wife Mary are from Iran. Daniel was a teacher of Islamic philosophy, a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Army and a leading Muslim fundamentalist political leader during the Iranian Islamic Fundamentalist Revolution that began in 1979. He is now an evangelist for Jesus Christ.

This course aims to help equip you to begin the task of ‘Searching for Truth Together’ with people of other faiths. This is achieved by weaving together principles of personal and corporate thinking & action with knowledge about Islam and Christianity. These principles have been taken from the Bible, particularly from Genesis and Exodus - the ‘thinking and acting’ foundation for the rest of the Bible.

The course costs $150 per person and students are given six months to complete it. This includes access to Moodle, the online learning environment where you will access the subject content and exercises, as well as a copy of Dr Daniel Shayesteh's book, "The House I Left Behind".